One Stop Shop

O’Media Creative Worxx is a creative advertising & visual design communications agency concentrating on design & print, media planning, multi-media and web development in general. O’Media was founded in August 2005, and has experienced effective growth in a small amount of time. We believe this primarily is due to our high design standards and our belief in quality customer service and satisfaction. Because we’re a one stop shop, your company will establish a consistent look and save time & money.

Our Mission

Providing products and services of unique quality and value that improve the market- and visual value of its clients. As a result, its clients reward O’Media with satisfied sales, profit, and value creation, allowing O’Media, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.

Our Process

The first and most important step for us is listening to our clients at the beginning of each project to develop a solid understanding of your company, your customers and your needs. Doing so helps us to create design solutions that communicate the right messages and express your unique brand identity.
From the information in the first stage we begin developing and/or designing concepts. For graphic design, we’ll present multiple concepts, if needed, from which to choose. We’ll discuss the designs with you and your feedback and comments are gathered. For media planning and advertising, we’ll be composing and producing your commercials and adverts, discuss distribution outlets and guard that we stay within your budget.
We take all feedback and revise designs until they are finalized and presented for approval and sign off. For websites and social media solutions this involves building out pages and completing any necessary programming. With print projects we manage everything from pre-production and press checks to final assembly to delivery. In any case, in this stage the client has to approve to finalize, distribute and/or deploy.
After finalizing and approval we deliver designs and/or print materials. In case it was a web based product or service we launch or deploy. And for Advertising this means it’s time for distributing your commercials and or adverts to media outlets, on- & offline.

Some Of Our Skills

Websites 90%
Graphic Design 95%
Advertising 87%
Photography 75%
Social Media Services 93%

Meet Our Team

Lou A. O'Brien
Lou A. O'BrienFounder & Creative Director
His essential role in the creative process helps to determine effective options to visually represent your company’s identity. He’s responsible for all creative operations in the fields of advertising, design, print and web development.
Gulshan Alibux
Gulshan AlibuxBusiness Development
Gulshan has a vast amount of experience in management. He identifies and strategically assesses opportunities aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities to increase our market value and gain relationships.